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20 basic steps to prepare you wedding

So, the cherished ring is shining on her finger, the emotional moment has passed, so now to think about organization the wedding. It is better not to try and do everything at once, but to gradually prepare, so as not to get confused and miss something important. To slightly ease this task, we have prepared a list of 20 tasks to complete before the wedding.

1. Decide on the date and the budget of the wedding. If you want a wedding in the summer, then book the contractors and the venue no later then 3-4 months before the date of the wedding.

2. Make a list of guests. Don't worry if that list varies somewhat, but to know the approximate number of guests, when you plan an event like this.

3. Choose and buy wedding rings. After buying the rings, it is advisable to keep them in a safe place, so that they are not lost.

4. Choose the wedding location and reserve it. Remember that if you want a summer wedding, restaurants and country hotels must be booked well in advanced of the wedding date>

5. Choose and order a wedding dress and accessories, as well as a suit and accessories for the groom. Start looking for dresses no earlier then 6 months before the celebration, when the style and location of the wedding are already decided. If you plan to loose weight before the wedding, then you can buy the outfit a little latter, so you do not have to take it in.

6. Choose a place for the official ceremony. Set up a date with the photographer for the engagement photo shoot.

7. Send out invitations for the wedding: by mail, email, handed personally in hand or via social network. We recommend that your guests be invited to the wedding well in advance, so that everyone is free on that day.

8. You can use the service of wedding organizer or independently find florists, decorators and the host and discuss with them the stylistics and program of celebrations.

9. Choose and hire a wedding photographer. Assign a personal meeting to discuss your wishes, and be sure to sign a contract.

10. Inform guests about the dress code. In order in order for guests to prepare, do it in advance. You can even add that to the invitations.

11. If you want to rent a limo, it is advisable to already approve the list of guests and book transportation in advance for a certain number of places.

12. Decide what your wedding dance will be, choose the music. You can rehearse it at

home or even start practicing with a professional.

13. Hire musicians or a DJ. Music will set the tone for the whole event.

14. Discuss with the florist a bouquet for the bride and the flower arrangement.

15. Choose a hairdresser and a make up artist, its good to pre-register for a rehearsal of the wedding, in order to determinant before the celebration what the hair and make up will look like.

16. Order a wedding cake, find out if the venue can provide cold storage.

17. Prepare a sitting arrangement and print seating cards for your guests. Consider family, age category, so that everyone is comfortable.

18. Distribute duties at the wedding. Decide who will help the bride, meet and seat guests, etc.

19. Estimate the amount of time the wedding will take and everyone who will participate in the event. Do this in advance so that everyone has time to prepare.

20. Contact all the contractors and and draw up a time table for arrival time. Write down all phone numbers and, together with the schedule, give it to your organizer or coordinator, if there is one, so that s/he can control everything on the day of the celebration.


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