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Beginning the Bride`s Big Day

The wedding day begins in the morning with getting ready, and all subsequent stages of the celebration depend on whether you`ll be able to finish within the allotted time. Don`t underestimate the amount of time that will be required for wedding make-up and hairstyles, even if you plan to create the most natural image - it`s better to get up 20 minutes earlier than to be late for your own wedding.

Plan for possible delay of the make-up artist and stylist by at least 10-15 minutes and don`t forget about the photo session! You`ll need to take some portraits of the bride before the meeting with the groom, which take time.

If your morning will be held in the company of your bridesmaids, take 15-20 minutes for them, plus 10 more minutes to drink a glass of champagne and take a couple of photos to commemorate the moment.


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